Emerald Flows
Clarks Fork Yellowstone River
Beartooth Mountains, Wyoming

photo by rivermusic, August 2014

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Creepy magazine subscription ad, 1965. Art by Jack Davis.

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Engraved Remington Model 95 Derringer by Reigel Gun Engraving.

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New on War History Online: Now you can own a ‘WWI’ plane! http://wrhstol.com/1tNMgcy

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Roy Rogers checks his mail, 1948 (via)

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President Howard Taft applauding at a Pittsburgh Pirates game applauding a double by Honus Wagner, 1909.

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Famous Gals in Glasses

First row: Marilyn Monroe, Ava Gardner and Brigitte Bardot.

Second row: Jayne Mansfield, Bettie Page and Lucille Ball.

Third row: Julie Newmar, Grace Kelly and Raquel Welch.

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Navajo Nation tourism proposal in Grand Canyon stirs controversy

The Navajo Nation hasn’t officially approved it but a tourism project in the Grand Canyon National Park is stirring controversy on and off the reservation.
The $150 million Grand Canyon Escalade includes a tramway that will carry tourists to the floor of the park. The developer touts jobs and revenues that will be created by the project.

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by Joy Harjo

Your eyes peered out from the wreck
Of a three-day drunk.
Your eyes say good man, works with hands,
Knows how to dance, believes in the good of people,
And wants a chance.
We talked about relationships, jobs and all the casino winners
In your family: everyone but you.
Ayyy itʻs my turn now. 
Your eyes laughed and kicked back
The afternoon sun.
You asked me to let you off near an overpass, north of town.
A creek ran parallel to the highway.
There were trees bending down
To cup the winds. 
When I turned back to look you were walking west.
Work shoes and tools over your shoulder
in your broken bag.
A little rain began to fall
From sparse, lucky clouds.
Did you find a place to sleep, 
And something to give your sustenance
for the long night?
Your eyes peer
Through the dark as you sing
A traveling song:
One day I will be rich.
One day I will have horses enough
To marry you with.

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